Esteban Wautier is a photographer and filmmaker based in Paris.


Sometimes it is the delicacy of the evaporating moment, sometimes it is his soft patience that brings about the eternal state. In a world of manipulation, Esteban’s work is a nourishing reflection of purity and non-interference. He offers us a dimension where the human hand touches the mystery of existence and where the seemingly mundane becomes an act of magic. 

A fusion of fairytale and techno colors create a longing for ecstasy and peace to be experienced simultaneously. There is motion in the stillness of his frames. A continuation of feeling that moves us into a transformed reality of symbolic supernatural phenomena. 

Esteban inhibits discretion and subtlety empowering the landscape to dance with itself and fill the entire image with grace. His trust in the universal need to express and to witness beauty allows him to blend with invisibility as the observer of truth. 

As if he whispers behind his camera ‘I am here, show me your truth, show me your beauty and I’ll show the world you are light shining through matter’.

Words by Marisa Papen

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